A CROCK POT dinner followed by a homemade cheesecake would have to be a man’s answer to heaven (well, nearly!).

Our two ebooks 470 CROCK POT RECIPES and DELICIOUSLY DECADENT CHEESECAKE RECIPES have such wonderful recipes that stressful entertaining for either friends or family will become a thing of the past.

I find when I am working long hours I can pop a crock pot on and forget about it. Not only is a succulent dinner ready for the night but I also try and manage it so that I can get TWO MEALS out of it and Yay! I have a meal ready for tomorrow too!

In fact, if entertaining, a great idea is to cook the crock pot meal the day before and have the second meal with the guests. Not only does this save time when entertaining, of course, but the second night the meal usually tastes even better once the flavours have seeped through the meat.
CHEESECAKES. Well, what more can be said. They are just the most delicious dessert. These are a terrific dessert for home and really fantastic to take when you need to take something for a function.

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Source by Kaye Dennan